Web Programming

Event Management Program


This program was designed for non-profits to manage their fund raising events. We were able to enter auction items (both live and silent), register patrons in advance of the event, check in the patrons, give them their bidder number, their table number and collect payment if need be.


When the auction was closed, volunteers could use multiple workstations to enter the winning bid and the winning bidder. At the close of the evening, patrons could check out, find out what they had purchased, pay for the items, receive a receipt and be on their way.


Reports could be generated easily for items sold, mumber of patrons attending, etc. Maybe you need a program like this to help you manage your event. The enire program runs off our web server, so there is no hardware or software to purchase. You only need a laptop, desktop, tablet, phone that can connect to the internet. If you only need the program for a few months of the year, that is all you pay for.


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